Cabo de Sao Vicente

Cabo de Sao Vicente - the end of the world

Cabo de Sao Vicente is where the end of the world was - or at least, where people thought it was. When Europeans believed the world was flat, the most Western part of Europe would have been the last land before the world ended.

Cabo de Sao Vicente.

Despite this historical importance, Cabo de Sao Vicente is remarkably undeveloped.

A naval academy, which gave birth to navigation techniques which would change the history of the world was established here. There is also a lighthouse and a solitary cafe and gift shop in the grounds.

Cabo de Sao Vicente.

Cabo de Sao Vicente offers fantastic views back along the cliffs of the West Coast but sadly the academy blocks an uninterrupted view towards America.

Cabo de Sao Vicente is named after a preacher who was burnt at the stake by the Romans in the 4th century.

Cabo de Sao Vicente.

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