Portuguese Number Plates

Portuguese Vehicle Number Plates

Portuguese Vehicle Number Plates
This car was registered in June, 2010
The Portuguese car number plate system for automobiles and motorcycles is sequential. There is no reference to geographical locations in Portugal. The Portuguese car numbering system is an incremental system consisting of three groups of two characters, separated by dashes.

Portuguese Number Plates
Portuguese license plates are sequential

The system began in 1937 with AA-10-00, then went on to 00-00-AA and recently changed over to 00-AA-00. When this sequence comes to an end, it will be replaced by the sequence AA-00-AA.

A list of the first registration numbers issued each month since March 1992 (starting with 00-01-AA) is available at the Automobile Association of Portugal.

Portuguese Number Plates
Car license plate

The "P" denominates Portugal and was added in 1992 with the EU flag on the left of the plate. In 1998, a yellow (previously pink on some vehicles) band on the right side was added with the month and year in which the car was first registered. Thus the bus below was registered in June, 2009 and the car above in December, 1999.

Bus number plate in Coina
Bus license plate



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Fado Music in Madeira

Fado Music at Dinner Time

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Portuguese Communist Party PCP

Portuguese Communist Party PCP (Partido Comunista Português)

An American friend of mine was surprised to see the hammer and sickle displayed in Portugal and took the image below.


Rewording Barack Obama's famous catchphrase, the slogan reads "Yes, it's possible."

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) was founded in 1921 and is Marxist-Leninist in its political outlook. Heavily suppressed under Salazar, the party rebounded after the fall of the dictator and is popular in the Alentejo (where this photograph was taken) the Ribatejo, Lisbon, and Setúbal.

Portuguese Communist Party PCP
Partido Comunista Português
The PCP's main organ is Avante! with print and now online editions. The party has the support of around 7-8% of Portugal's electorate. Jose Saramago, the Nobel Prize-winning writer, was a prominent member.

Portuguese Communist Party PCP

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