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Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Portuguese

ISBN-13: 978-1780044989
Berlitz, 2018
224 pages

Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Portuguese

Travelling to Portugal? Brazil? Mozambique? Or anywhere the 250 million speakers of Portuguese live and work and play? Don’t speak Portuguese? Berlitz has you covered.

The Portuguese Berlitz Phrasebook and Dictionary is compact, clear, and chock block full of words and phrases. It is the ideal travel companion.

It will fit in your coat pocket or backpack and is easy to use. It begins with Pronunciation and ends with a 3000-word bilingual dictionary.

Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Portuguese
Typical Page

Its emphasis is on the motherland - Portugal - but can be used in other locales where the 9th most spoken language in the world is spoken.

The pronunciation system is simple and easy to employ. All words and sentences are rendered in a way familiar to a speaker of English. For example, in "Survival," there is the following example:

English: I'm on vacation.
Portuguese: Estou de ferias
Pronunciation: ee-stawoo deh feh-ree-uhz

Every example follows this pattern.

Moreover, beautiful color photographs of Portugal are sprinkled throughout the book.

The book consists of many sections, among them: Survival, Food & Drink, People, Leisure Time, Special Requirements, and In an Emergency. Each of those is broken into sub-categories.

This is a wonderful and reasonably priced language guide.

Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Portuguese
Information Page

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