Jardim do Morro Station

Jardim do Morro Station, Porto

Jardim do Morro Station is a stop on the Porto metro in Vila Nova de Gaia on Line D from Hospital Sao Joao on the Porto side to Santo Ovidio on the Gaia side.

Jardim do Morro Station, Vila Nova de Gaia

Jardim do Morro Station is one stop south of Sao Bento Station just over the upper level of the Ponte Dom Luis I Bridge and adjacent to the Mosteiro de Serra do Pilar convent.

Jardim do Morro Station, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Jardim do Morro Station is handy for connecting with the Teleferico de Gaia cable car and to visit the port wine lodges below. It is close to both Sandeman Cellars and the Porto Cálem Wine Lodge.

Jardim do Morro is an excellent place to take photos over the River Douro to the cityscape of Ribeira.

Jardim do Morro Station, Vila Nova de Gaia

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Barcelos Rooster

Barcelos Rooster (Galo de Barcelos)

The Barcelos Rooster (Galo de Barcelos) is a common emblem of Portugal often seen in souvenir shops. Considered an item of good luck, the rooster comes from a story of a roasted rooster that crowed to prove a condemned man's innocence.

Barcelos Rooster, Portugal

The garish, brightly-colored Barcelos Rooster is often sold as a ceramic ornament but there are plastic versions too.

The standard Galo de Barcelos may be as aesthetically pleasing as a Staffordshire Toby Jug, but it serves the same purpose - as a gimmick for a popular, local industry.

Barcelos, near Braga, is famous for its eartherware and pottery, and the national symbol of good fortune and honesty is produced en masse in the town.

Barcelos Rooster, Portugal

The Galo de Barcelos is usually black but now comes in a variety of colors with a red plumage and a bright yellow or orange beak.

So if you are looking for an iconic memento or keepsake of Portugal, look no further than a Barcelos Rooster for your mantelpiece.

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