Petrus Hotel Chaves

Petrus Hotel Chaves

The Petrus Hotel (Book this hotel with, in Chaves, in the Tras-os-Montes region of northern Portugal, offers modern accommodation, close to the center of town.

The hotel is near the spa and many of the town's attractions including the Matriz Church, the 17th-century church of the Misercórdia, the Roman Bridge, and the castle.

Petrus Hotel Chaves.

A three-star establishment, the Petrus Hotel has good wifi, spacious rooms and bathrooms, some of them with balconies overlooking the main street, and friendly, helpful staff.

Petrus Hotel Chaves.

Access - Getting There

Petrus Hotel (Book this hotel with
Rua da Família de Camões
Edif. Solar Flaviense, 20
5400-239 Chaves
Tel +351 276 351 409

Petrus Hotel Chaves.
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