Lagos Fort Lagos Algarve

Lagos Fort, Lagos Town, Algarve

Lagos Fort, Lagos Town, Algarve

Lagos Fort points back to the town's heyday as a port for the long voyages undertaken by Portugal's adventurers during the "Age of Discovery".

Henry the Navigator used the town as a base for his explorations. The stone castle was therefore built in the 17th century to protect the town and the coast of the Algarve. The picturesque fort now houses a small museum on Portugal's maritime history.

Lagos Fort illuminated at night
Lagos Fort illuminated at night
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Lagos Fort
Walls of the fort and battlements

Lagos Fort Lagos Algarve
City of Lagos Coat of Arms

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Unknown said...

Beautiful location, with lovely views of the Port. However not safe especially for children. One of the turrets had wires hanging across the enterance. Another had the floor missing from it. The only thing stopping you from entering it being 2 garden canes blocking the enterance. The draw bridge posts left gaps that even a pre teen could have fallen through. A real shame as the fort itself was loved by my 3 year old who thought it was like being in a castle. But the state of it left me on edge.