English Cemetery Elvas

English Cemetery (Cemiterio dos Ingleses), Elvas

The English Cemetery (Cemiterio dos Ingleses) in Elvas, not far from the Castelo, is the final resting place of many of the men killed in the bloody campaigns of the Peninsular War (1807-1814), especially the horrific storming of the fortress of Badajoz over the border in Spain, where over 4,800 British soldiers lost their lives or were wounded and the equally deadly Battle of Albuera, where another 4,000 soldiers perished.

English Cemetery Elvas

Many of the wounded were brought back to Elvas, where many subsequently died and were buried.

English Cemetery Elvas

After so much blood and carnage at the storming of Badajoz, the English soldiers went on the rampage killing over 4,000 of the defenders and civilians in the town.

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