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Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca
The very west of Europe

Cabo da Roca, in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, is the westernmost point of the European continent. I was there in October. There is a picturesque red lighthouse, a stone pillar with a plaque about Cabo da Roca on its side and a crucifix on top, and a stunning view of the rocky coast.

Cabo da Roca.
Hold on to your hat!

However, the most memorable feature of Cabo da Roca is probably its winds. The hour and a half I spent there was a battle against the blustery cold wind that blasted this very exposed outcrop of land. In the photo of me by the Cabo da Roca monument, what looks like a salute is a desperate attempt to keep my cap on.

Another more pleasantly memorable feature is the succulent Carpobrotus edulis plant that, besides grass, grow all over the sandy soil, tenaciously maintaining a hold.

Access - Getting There

Cabo da Roca is about 40 km west of Lisbon and 20 km west of Sintra, making it a very easy day trip by bus out of either place. Azenhas do Mar, an attractive seaside village with pretty white-washed houses, is also a short drive up the coast.

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