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Lisbon Fire Hydrants

Lisbon is a city steeped in history - steeped in the sense of that history still being conspicuously visible in its textures, colors, architecture, state of repair, and amenities.

One amenity that is particularly conspicuous - mainly by its color than its number - is the street fire hydrant. Fire hydrants in Portugal are painted the standard vivid red and are of a classic design that seems to have changed little in at least the past 60 years.

What makes the fire hydrants of Lisbon interesting is not just their retro design and bright color, but their backdrops. The standard shape and brilliant hue of the hydrant accentuates the atmosphere of whatever they happen to be placed in front of, whether a whitewashed old wall, a set of tiles, stonework, or other masonry.

Red fire hydrant.

See pictures of 10 randomly photographed fire hydrants in Lisbon and see how they showcase miniature beauty spots of this very aesthetic city.

Click here to see the first picture, then click "Next Lisbon image" at the bottom of each following picture.

Lisbon fire hydrants

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