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Pork & Ham in Portugal

You can’t go far in Portugal without coming upon somewhere selling pork. It’s as staple to the Portuguese diet as cod. Anyone who knows a little about Portuguese cuisine can tell you, the most famous pork dish in Portugal is the Bairrada suckling pig – Barraida being a region in the middle of Portugal famous both for its pigs and its wine, and a suckling pig being one that is still feeding off its mother’s milk. The city in the Barraida considered the suckling pig capital is the region’s largest, Mealhada.

Pork is sold in Portugal in its many different forms, but usually in a form that, like the way fish are sold, is far from processed. Shown here is a typical sight in any Portuguese butchery: hams, as is, waiting to be carved off for you. This shot was taken in a Lisbon supermarket.

Pork is, of course, also dined on in various forms, but with roast pork, the traditional way to serve it is with acorns and/or truffles.

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Pork in Portugal.
Pork in Portugal

Pork in Portugal.

Pork is sold in Portugal in its many different forms.
Pork is sold and prepared in Portugal in its many different forms

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