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Regimento de Lanceiros nº 2

The Ajuda district is well known for its Palacio Nacional da Ajuda and it accompanying Museum, and for the Jardim Botanico da Ajuda (Ajuda Botanical Garden).

Of course, both are well worth the visit, but if you’re in the area, try and include the base of the Regimento de Lanceiros nº 2 in your route.

The 2nd Lancers Regiment is a Portuguese Army unit with its headquarters on a hill in the Ajuda district of Lisbon. The Regiment runs Portugal’s Army Police (Polícia do Exército).

The Regiment's headquarters have a light earthy-colored entrance, jaunty red flags, candy-striped sentry box, and colorful crests, with an almost festive atmosphere, offset by the stern retired tank displayed to the left of the entrance (just visible in the photo).

The photo above of the entrance of the Regiment’s headquarters shows its crest at the right with the motto "Murte ou Gloria" ("Death or Glory") - not really legible in the photo - and the skull-and-crossbone emblazoned shield.

This close-up photo shows the crest in more detail, rendered in brass, but without the motto.

If you tarry long enough, you’ll also experience the thrill of real men in uniform. Careful with your camera!

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