Tourist and resident information on Portugal, Madeira and The Azores

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Holidays in Portugal

Holidays in Portugal
Relax at the pool

If you're undecided about your next holiday destination, but want to visit a country full of beautiful beaches, fabulous resorts and a distinctive culture and identity, then look no further than Portugal.

Stunning sunshine beams down daily, which makes the Algarve the perfect area to get away to if you want a holiday that consists of relaxing and unwinding. Cheap Algarve holidays boast a selection of resorts that offer everything you could possibly need. The liveliest resort, Albufeira is home to no less than seven beaches and a nightlife that rivals the very best Europe has to offer.

On the beach in Portugal
On the beach

If you prefer to spend your holiday immersing yourself in historical culture and stunning architecture, why not take a city break to Porto or the capital city of Lisbon? The other side of Portugal is obvious to see in these vibrant cities that offer wine lodges, charming restaurants and fantastic shopping.

History is also apparent in Madeira, a gorgeous island off of the Portuguese coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Offering not only a rich historical past, it also differs from mainland Portugal because the landscape is quite simply beautiful. Here you will find breathtaking scenery, unbelievable hiking opportunities and an interesting culture all for you to explore.

The diversity of destinations in Portugal makes it a must for British holidaymakers. Whether you want sightseeing, family holidays, stag or hen parties or even a romantic city break, holidays in Portugal provide.

Experience a variety of new things such as water sports, dolphin watching or its speciality - golf. Portugal is home to 15 world-class golf courses, so if you’re looking to improve your handicap, Portugal is the essential destination for you.

With such a variety of destinations and experiences, Portugal is the perfect place for your next holiday.

The country abounds with historic monuments

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