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All Saints' Day (Dia de Todos-os-Santos) - A National Holiday in Portugal

Igreja Paroquial do Santíssimo Sacramento, Lisbon.
Igreja Paroquial do Santíssimo Sacramento, Lisbon

Today is All Saints' Day, Dia de Todos-os-Santos, a national holiday in Portugal.

The holiday honors all saints, those known and unknown.

All banks, public buildings such as museums and many shops will close on public holidays in Portugal.

The next day following All Saints' Day is All Souls' Day in the Catholic calendar.

Devout Catholics will attend mass in one of Portugal's many churches on this day.

Igreja de São Tiago Coimbra, Portugal.
Igreja de São Tiago Coimbra

Capela de Nossa Senhora de Monserrate, Lisbon.
The entrance door to Capela de Nossa Senhora de Monserrate

Churches in Portugal

Igreja da Misericórdia de Chaves

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