Tourist and resident information on Portugal, Madeira and The Azores

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Residencial in Portugal

Residencial in Portugal.

Residenciais (singular residencial) in Portugal are very similar accommodations to pensoes (pensao) but don't usually serve meals.

Residenciais equate with pensions or guesthouses and the distinction between residencial and pensao can be rather blurred.

Residencial Dandy in Faro Portugal

Residenciais in Portugal are usually family run and offer a more homely and personal feel to big hotels.

Portugal is scattered with residenciais in its towns and cities and along the Algarve coast.

Residencial Oceano in Faro Algarve Portugal

Residencial Dandy (Book this hotel with
Rua Filipe Alistao 62
8000 Faro
Tel: +351 289 824 791

Residencial A Doca, Faro, Algarve, Portugal.

Residencial A Doca (Book this hotel with
Rua 1º de Maio nº21
8000-474 Faro

Casa da Se Guarda

Guesthouse da Se (Book this guest house with
Rua Augusto Gil, 17
Guarda, 6300-516

Residencial Florescente, Lisbon.

Residencial Florescente (Book this hotel with
Rua Portas De Santo Antão 99
Santa Maria Maior
1150-266 Lisbon

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