Caique Bom Sucesso Olhao

Caique Bom Sucesso Olhao

Moored in the harbour at Olhao, in front of the Municipal Market, is a replica of the O Caíque de Bom Sucesso, a small vessel, with a crew of 17 men, which sailed across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro in 1808 to inform the exiled Portuguese King João VI that Napoleon's invading army had left the area.

Caique Bom Sucesso, Olhao, Algarve.

This followed a popular uprising in Olhao, which spread to the nearby towns of Faro, Lagos, and Loule, forcing French forces to withdraw.

As a reward the town, on the Algarve, was granted a royal charter and developed as a fishing port and canning centre.

Caique Bom Sucesso, Olhao.

The boat did not make the return journey and the men returned by other means. In 2008, a replica of the vessel recreated the epic voyage to mark the centennial of the event. Recently the boat has been restored at a cost of 35,000 Euros.

Other attractions in the pretty town include the interesting Museu de Cidade (Municipal Museum).


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