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Currency Exchange (Cambio) in Portugal

Probably the easiest way to finance your holiday in Portugal is to use an ATM (multibanco). Most western Europeans can simply use their bank cards to withdraw money from any of Portugal's ATM's. They are found at banks and major railway stations.

Currency Exchange (Cambio) in Portugal

The machine may give you the option of being charged in your own currency, if you are not in the Eurozone. It is cheaper to be charged in Euros. If you opt for your own currency you will be liable to a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fee of around 7.5%.

If you want to exchange foreign cash for Euros in Portugal it is usually quicker to go to a currency exchange kiosk (cambio) rather than a bank.

Cambio can be found at airports, of course, and major stations. The one pictured is at São Bento in Porto.

NovaCâmbios is a large operator of many cambio in the country with over 50. See their website for a complete list.

ATM in Funchal, Madeira.
ATM in Funchal, Madeira

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