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eCooltra Scooters in Lisbon

Ecooltra scooters are now in evidence on the streets of Lisbon along with Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Valencia and Rome.

eCooltra Scooters in Lisbon

The scooter sharing app allows riders to pick up a scooter on the street and leave it anywhere within the geofenced area (see image below).

The deal includes an Askoll model scooter (see above), full insurance, two helmets (locked in the case behind the seat) and a charged battery.

Geofenced area
© eCooltra

Download the app and locate the nearest available scooter on your phone. You have 15 minutes to get to it.

When you have located your bike, click on "Start Ride" on your phone which will unlock the helmets from the case.

Click "Start" on the app on your phone and away you go. Click "End Rental" when you have finished your ride.

To find out more visit:

eCooltra Scooters in Lisbon

As well as scooters, Lisbon's streets have several companies operating micro ebikes including Bird and Lime with its Lime-S which are also used via an app on your smart phone.

eCooltra Scooters in Lisbon

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