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Household Waste Recycling in Portugal

Household waste is recycled in Portugal from color-coded bins (ecoponto) in many municipalities.

Household Waste Recycling in Portugal

These recycling bins are pictured in the pretty town of Vila Nogueira de Azeitão.

Yellow is for plastic (plastic bottles etc) and metal, green is for glass (bottles should be uncapped) and blue for paper and card (newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes etc). The grey bin is for non-recyclable, non-hazardous, household waste. Organic waste goes in the brown bin if available (not pictured here).

Portugal recycles about 28% of its urban waste which is below the European average of 46%, according to Reuters.

Glass recycling bin.
Green is for glass

Information (in Portuguese) on recycling household waste is available at

Electrical appliances can be taken to a larger recycling center. Waste that cannot be recycled is disposed of in landfills and in incinerators.

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Household Waste Recycling in Portugal
Blue is for paper

Household Waste Recycling in Portugal
Yellow is for plastic

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