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Lavandaria in Portugal

Lavandaria (laundries) come in all shapes and sizes in Portugal. They offer either a wet wash (limpeza) or dry cleaning (seco) or both.

The laundry is sometimes weighed and a charge is levied per kilogram. Some lavandaria have a different charge as per the item: shirts, underwear, jackets or woolens etc.

Lavandaria in Portugal
Typical laundry in Lisbon

Some lavandaria are completely self-service and you do the washing and drying yourself, as in a launderette. In most smaller towns and cities in Portugal, you hand your laundry over to an attendant, pay the fee and collect it later. This is usually the next day.

Lavandaria in Portugal
Laundry and dry cleaners (Limpeza a Seco)

Communal wash houses still exist in parts of Portugal, where the washing is done in large tanks and hung out to dry outside. Afurada, across the Douro in Porto has a classic example. In many towns, these communal laundries were adjacent to fountains, such as the fountains in Azeitão.

Lavandaria in Portugal
Lavandaria in Portugal

Lavandaria in Lagos
Lavandaria in Aljezur
Public laundry tank in Afurada, Porto
Public laundry tank in Afurada, Porto
Lisbon self-service laundry
A lavandaria in Lagos.
A lavandaria in Lagos


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