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Restaurants on Estrada de Santa Eulalia Albufeira

Estrada de Santa Eulalia in Albufeira just north of Praia Santa Eulália is lined with restaurants, hotels and also has a branch of the local tourist office (turismo).

Happy Sumo
Happy Sumo

There's a variety of eateries to choose from including traditional Portuguese cuisine to British and Irish comfort food, authentic Indian, Japanese (read Chinese imitation), halal at Rania's and Italian pizzerias.

For a British home from home try Little Britain for English breakfast, Sunday lunch, and even veggie options. There's lots of outdoor seating, too.

Little Britain
Little Britain
Sushi Hut
Sushi Hut seems to be no longer in business

For some excellent Italian pizza and pasta try Paulu's Pizzeria. They have a good value tourist menu in the early evening, recommended pizza as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Paulu's Pizzeria
Paulu's Pizzeria

Most "Japanese" restaurants in Portugal with a few notable exceptions are in fact Chinese restaurants masquerading as Japanese. So don't expect Land of the Rising Sun authenticity at Happy Sumo. That said, you can enjoy a cheap Asian fusion experience, and all you can eat sushi.

Fuji also falls into this category. It's Chinese, not Japanese. Again the food is what Europeans who have never been to either China or Japan consider East Asian and has good reviews for its Teppanyaki and sushi. There's a large concrete torii gate outside so you can't miss the place.


When we were last on Estrada de Santa Eulalia we had Portuguese food at Zé do Peixe Assado. Excellent grilled sardines, boiled potatoes, tomato and onion salad, bread and a carafe of white wine. Bliss! All you can eat fish.


If you want to stay on the street try the recommended Muthu Oura Praia Hotel.

Muthu Oura Praia HotelOura Praia Hotel.
Muthu Oura Praia Hotel


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