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Ponte Romana (Roman Bridge), Tavira, Algarve

The Ponte Romana in Tavira on the Algarve is so called as it was built over the remains of an earlier 3rd-century Roman bridge on the old Roman road from Faro to Castro Marim.

Ponte Romana, Tavira, Algarve
Ponte Romana (Roman Bridge), Tavira, Algarve

The present bridge over the River Gilão dates from 1663. The bridge has seven arches and green, iron railings. It is now for use only for pedestrians and cyclists after flood damage in 1989.

Several cafes and bars line the river with fine views of the bridge.

Tavira Ponte Romana
Tavira Ponte Romana

Other Bridges in Tavira

Another nearby bridge in Tavira is the Ponte das Forças Armadas. This is in the process of being replaced. It was constructed for traffic by the military (hence the name) in 1993 after the Ponte Romana was damaged.

This new bridge will be 88 meters long with the option to open for vehicles but primarily for foot traffic and cyclists.

View of the Ponte das Forças Armadas
View of the Ponte das Forças Armadas in the background and beyond that the Ponte dos Descobrimentos

Cars can cross the river at another bridge to the west, the Ponte de Santiago. The N125 highway also crosses the river even further west of town. To the east is Ponte dos Descobrimentos also with vehicular access.

Bridge in Tavira
The bridge is now for pedestrian use only after flood damage

Access - Getting There

The bridge is in the centre of town off Praça da República and Rua dos Pelames to the south. The road on the north bank is Rua Borda d`Água da Asseca.

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