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Alvalade Metro Station, Lisbon

Alvalade Station
Entrance to Alvalade Station

Alvalade Metro Station is on the Green Line of the Lisbon metro network. It is located between Campo Grande and Roma stations under Avenida de Roma, at the intersection with Avenida da Igreja.

Alvalade Station opened in 1972. The station is now fully wheelchair-friendly with lifts to and from the platforms.

Tilework at the station
Tilework at the station


The busy station is also a stop for several Lisbon buses. These include the Lisbon buses 206 from Cais do Sodré to Senhor Roubado, the 735 from Cais do Sodré to Hospital Santa Maria, the 755 from Poço do Bispo to Sete Rios, and the 767 from Campo Mártires da Pátria to Reboleira Metro Station which all stop at the station. 

Campo Grande is an important bus station with buses to many destinations north of Lisbon including Mafra and Ericeira.

The interior of the station is bright and colorful.
The interior of the station is bright and colorful

Art Work

Like Martim Moniz on the same line, the station was designed by Denis Gomes with art installations by the painter Maria Keil (1914-2012). Renovations in 2006 had artwork by Bela Silva and in 2007 by the original artist, Maria Keil.


If you wish to stay in this area of Lisbon there are several options. These include the 3-star Hotel Roma and the 4U Lisbon IV Guesthouse.

Also nearby is the Parque de Jogos 1º de Maio, a sports stadium with soccer and tennis schools.

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Artwork at Alvalade Station
Artwork at Alvalade Station

Train at Alvalade Station
Train at the station


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