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The Press in Portugal

Newspaper readership in Portugal is fairly low when compared to other countries in the European Union (EU). 1999 figures show only 73.5 people per 1000 take a daily paper compared to over 600 people per 1000 in the UK. During the Salazar dictatorship, the press was heavily censored and post-revolution newspapers filled with revolutionary propaganda putting many Portuguese off the newspaper-reading habit. The Correio da Manha is the largest selling tittle-tattle tabloid.

Newspapers in Portugal.

Circulation (2000 figures)

Correio da Manha (89,021)
Diario de Noticias (65,544)
Jornal de Noticias (101,448)
Expresso (136,845)
Publico (53,222)
A Bola (100,000+)
Record (100,000+)

There are also literally 100's of mostly low-quality regional newspapers.

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