Tourist and resident information on Portugal, Madeira and The Azores

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Media in Portugal

Catarina Furtado - Vem aí o novo programa.

There are 4 main TV stations in Portugal (RTP1 and 2, SIC and TVI).

RTP (Radio e Televisao de Portugal) is Portugal's state broadcaster and began nationwide broadcasts in the late 50s. RTP has regional programming for Madeira and the Azores and an international satellite channel broadcasting globally.

SIC (Sociedade Independente de Comunicacao).

SIC (Sociedade Independente de Comunicacao) launched in 1992 and is one of two independent, commercial channels in Portugal, the other being TVI (Televisao Independente) which started out in 1993 and broadcasts a mix of racy reality shows and dubbed US dramas in between lengthy commercial breaks.

There are many imported programs on Portuguese TV including shows from the US and UK, which are usually sub-titled rather than dubbed for RTP and SIC, lots of football and the ubiquitous Brazilian telenovelas (soaps).

RTP1 - state broadcaster
RTP2 - (a dois:) - society and culture channel

RTP Açores (Azores only)
RTP Madeira (Madeira only)

SIC - commercial broadcaster
TVI - commercial broadcaster

Radiodifusao Portuguesa (RDP) is the state-owned radio broadcaster and broadcasts the following programs.

RDP Antena 1
RDP Antena 2
RDP Antena 3
RDP Internacional
RDP Africa
RDP Acores
RDP Madeira

Portugal TV Channels.

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