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Praça do Giraldo Evora

The Praça do Giraldo is the main central square in the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Evora, with many small streets radiating out from the sides of the square. The space takes its name from Geraldo Geraldes (aka Gerald the Fearless; Geraldo Sem Pavor - meaning "without fear"), who retook the town of Evora from the Moors in 1167.

Church of Santo Antão

The town's tourist office is situated here and there are some wonderful pavement cafes here to kick back, have a glass of wine, some fine food and, above all, just relax.

The 16th century renaissance-style church of Santo Antão can be seen in the image above.

Construction of the church began in 1557. It has three naves and some spectacular internal decoration including gilded altars, paintings and marble work. In front of the church is a marble fountain, Chafariz da  Praça do Giraldo with eight spouts symbolizing the eight main streets that radiate out from the square. The fountain is the work of architect Afonso Álvares and was built in 1571 in white marble topped with a bronze crown.

Praça do Giraldo Evora.
Pavement cafe in the square with a view of the church

Tourist Office

The Turismo (Tourist Office) has friendly staff who can help you with accommodation and restaurant bookings. There are also free maps of the city and flyers from restaurants and museums to inform your stay in this pleasant Alentejo town.

Praça do Giraldo Evora, Portugal.
A wet day in March

Other Things to See and Do in Evora

Igreja de São João Evangelista

Roman Bath

Spring Blossom

Agua de Prata

Nossa Senhora da Graça (Church of our Lady of Grace)



Praça do Giraldo Evora.
Praça do Giraldo Evora
The helpful Tourist Information Office (Turismo) is located in the square.
The helpful Tourist Information Office (Turismo) is located in the square
Chafariz da Praça do Giraldo.
Chafariz da Praça do Giraldo

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