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Igreja de São João Evangelista, Evora

Igreja de São João Evangelista, Evora.
The Gothic entrance portal

The Igreja de São João Evangelista (aka Igreja dos Lóios) in the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Evora dates from 1485 and is one of the most beautiful churches in the city. It is directly opposite the ancient Templo Romano.

The church was originally part of the Convento dos Lóios which is now the Pousada Convento de Evora. The convent was built on the site of a previous Moorish castle that was badly damaged in the devastating Earthquake of 1755.

The interior of the church with its superb azulejo tiles.
The interior of the church with its superb azulejo tiles © Cadaval Palace

Enter the church through the magnificent Gothic portal to discover some amazing gilded wood carving and azulejo tile panels within.

The azulejos depict scenes from the life of St Lawrence Justinian (1381-1456), the first Patriarch of Venice. They date from 1711 and are by the master António de Oliveira.

Now in private hands, the church charges an admission fee to enter but the entrance fee includes the exhibitions in the adjacent Cadaval Palace, still the stunning residence of the Dukes of Cadaval to this day.

Igreja de São João Evangelista.
Igreja de São João Evangelista

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The upmarket Cavalarica restaurant.
The upmarket Cavalarica restaurant in the Palacio Cadaval has Michelin stars
Igreja de São João Evangelista, Evora.
Admission to the church also includes the Palacio Duques de Cadaval
Igreja dos Lóios.
Standing next to the Temple Romano, the church is also known as Igreja dos Lóios
Igreja dos Lóios, Evora
The lovely entrance portal

© Portugal

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