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Comboios de Portugal - Portugal's Trains

Comboios de Portugal (CP) is Portugal's national railway. CP runs both inter-city and suburban trains.

The first railway in Portugal was built by the original Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses in 1856 from Lisbon to nearby Carregado. This company was nationalized in 1975 to eventually become CP.

There are four suburban lines in Lisbon (Azambuja, Cascais, Sintra & Sado) and four in Porto (Aveiro, Braga, Marco & Guimaraes).

The main intercity route is the 220 kmph Alfa Pendular which connects Braga Station to Oporto, Lisbon and Faro. Lisbon to Porto takes from 2 hours 45 minutes on the quickest trains to just over 3 hours on the slower ones.

Visitors can register on the CP website to book tickets and calculate fares (in English). The present fare from Lisbon to Porto (Lisboa Santa Apolonia to Porto Campanha) on the quicker service is 30 Euros or 21 Euros on the slower services in 2nd class (turistica). First class fares (conforto) are 42 and 31 Euros respectively, which is very good value.

Comboios de Portugal
Comboios de Portugal

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Sintra Station
Sintra Station

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