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Parque Station, Lisbon

Parque Station, Lisbon.

Parque Station on the Blue Line (Linha Azul) of the Lisbon metro is famous for its azulejo tiles that reference the work of the writer Fernando Pessoa and others.

Parque Station Lisbon.

Starting 11

Parque was one of the original 11 stations of the Lisbon metro that opened in 1959. Architect Francisco Keil do Amaral (1910-1975) designed the model for these stations, which was used for all subsequent stations built on the Lisbon metro until 1972. The original eleven stations, except Avenida, all had artwork by painter Maria Keil (1914-2012).

Parque Station Lisbon.
Tile work within the station

Parque Station was refurbished by artists Françoise Schein and Federica Matta. They created the blue cathedral at Parque with 450,000 hand-painted tiles in 1994.

There are maps of the world inspired by Portugal's Age of the Discoveries period juxtaposed with quotes with an emphasis on human rights by such writers as Lao-Tse, Plato and Gilles Deleuze, author of Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

Parque Station Lisbon.

Parque Station is convenient for the recently restored Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in Parque Eduardo VII.

Nearby Hotels

Some hotels near Parque include the Avenida Park Hotel, the Miraparque Hotel and the HF Fénix Urban.

Parque Station by Gareth Thomas.

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Tilework at the station.

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