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Calling abroad from Portugal

When you've moved away from your family to work abroad, you realize how important is to hear them as often as possible. And, since calling internationally can get quite expensive, here are some more affordable options for keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Calling cards or how the Portuguese call them "Cartões Telefônicos Pré-pagos para Ligações Telefônicas Internacionais" can be purchased either online or in physical shops. Portugal Telecom (now Altice) offers a varied selection of phone cards to call different countries that can be purchased in their stores. For more information about their products, check out their website.

International calling cards from providers such as are a flexible and affordable option for making international calls. With one of these prepaid cards, you can call anywhere in the world at rates as low as 1cent per minute. They can even be used from your computer, provided you have a working internet connection or from your smartphone.

Calling from your PC is a good alternative to traditional landlines and mobiles since it is often cheaper and easier to use. Skype or Google Talk is a good choice and if your loved ones also have a PC, the calls are free. If you're looking to call internationally, go for a calling card since the rates are sensibly lower.

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