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Bacalhau (Cod) - Portugal's Iconic Dish

Bacalhau is representative of Portuguese cuisine as much as roast beef and fish and chips are quintessentially British.

Bacalhau is dried and salted cod and there are many Portuguese recipes that include this iconic ingredient.

Portuguese Bacalhau
Supermarket cod

Nowadays cod for bacalhau is normally caught off the coasts of Norway, Iceland and Newfoundland though over-fishing has led to the depletion of cod stocks and a subsequent rise in the price of bacalhau.

In Catholic Portugal bacalhau was often eaten on Fridays when the consumption of meat was proscribed by the church.

Some common bacalhau dishes include Bacalhau Gratinado, Bacalhau ao Vinho do Porto, Bacalhau com todos, usually made with boiled potato, carrots and cabbage plus hard boiled eggs and Bacalhau à Brás, prepared with onions and finely sliced fried potatoes mixed with scrambled eggs and garnished with black olives.

Bacalhau in a Portuguese supermarket
Cod on sale

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