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Statue of King Afonso III, Faro, Algarve

Located in the square in front of the Infante Dom Henrique Archeological Museum, now housed within the Monastery of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao in Faro, is a statue of King Afonso III (1210-1279), the fifth king of Portugal.

Statue of King Afonso III Faro, Algarve
The statue stands in the square outside the Archeological Museum


King Afonso III is remembered for his wise and fair reign and it was he who won back the town of Faro from the Moors in 1249.

Afonso was succeeded by his son Diniz, whose 46-year reign was the longest of the Burgundian monarchs. King Afonso III called a parliament known as the Cortes of Leiria in 1254, which was the first gathering to include commoners, so Afonso has some claim to be considered the grandfather of Portugal's present-day democracy.

He is buried in the Cistercian abbey at Alcobaça.

King Afonso III Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Afonso retook the town from the Moors

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