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Guimarães Buses

Buses in Guimarães are operated by TUG (Transurbanos de Guimarães). They operate both local city buses and buses to more outlying areas.

Buses have olive green and white livery and are mainly of Mercedes manufacture. Both modern and air-conditioned, buses in the city are a pleasant way to get around, though tourists can mainly walk around the historic center.

Guimarães Buses
Transurbanos de Guimarães

Bus Routes in Guimarães

The following are some of the major bus routes in the city.

Linha Cidade

The Linha Cidade is a loop bus (circular) that performs a 30-minute circuit from the central bus station (Central de Camionagem) passing Largo do Toural, Guimarães Station, Jardim do Carmo, Universidade (University of Guimarães), Avenida de Londres and back to the bus station.

11 - Nespereira

The 11 runs between Nespereira and Campo de Feira. Buses run from 6.45 am to 7. 40 pm on this route.

12 - Carvalhos

The 12 runs between Carvalhos and Toural. Buses stop at the bus station and Health Center on this route.

21 - Belas Ares

The 21 operates from Campo da Feira to Belas Ares.

Guimarães Buses
Transurbanos de Guimarães bus

22 - Madredeus

The 22 is a circular bus out of Almada Sul that stops at the Universidade do Minho.

31 - Pedroso

The 31 connects Almada Norte to Almada Sul and stops at the Universidade do Minho.

32 - Pedroso

Bus number 32 also connects Almada Norte to Almada Sul and stops at the Universidade do Minho but on a slightly different route.

42 Parque Industrial

Bus 42 connects Parque Industrial and Almada Norte. This bus stops at the Guimarães Estádio Dom Afonso Henriques

62 Parque Industrial

Bus 62 connects Almada Sud and Almada Norte via Guimarães Estádio Dom Afonso Henriques.

Bus stop and bus
Bus in Guimarães

51/52 Circular

The 51 and 52 buses run in a loop from Campo da Feira and stop at the lower station of the Teleferico (Cable Car) up to Mount Penha.

61 Vilar

The 61 connects Almada Norte and Vilar and then from Vilar to Almada Sud. The third stop out of Almada Norte is the soccer stadium.

63 Fermentões

The bus connects Gonçalo Triângulo and Fermentões via Grisel and Penassol.

71 Santa Amaro

This bus runs between Santa Amaro and Toural.

72 Santa Amaro

This bus runs between St Martinho de Cardoso and Toural.

81 Gondar

The 81 bus operates from Gondar to Gonçalo Triângulo.

Guimarães Bus

82 St Martinho de Cardoso

This bus runs between St Martinho de Cardoso and Gonçalo Triângulo. The route has services from 5.30 am to 7.30 pm.

82 São Cristóvão de Selho

Bus services between São Cristóvão de Selho and Gonçalo Triângulo.

84 Santiago de Candoso

The 84 connects Santiago de Candoso and Gonçalo Triângulo.

Rede Notura

The Rede Noturna are late evening buses on some of the above routes between 8 pm and 11.30 pm.

More Information

84 Bus
Bus near the Stadium

Accommodation in Guimarães

Accommodation options in Guimarães include the EMAJ Guimarães Boutique Hotel, the four-star Hotel Toural, the Stay Hotel Guimarães Centro, also four stars and the two-star Hotel Mestre de Avis.
The Hotel de Guimarães in the south of the city is four stars and has a swimming pool and spa.
Budget hotels in the city include the one-star Hotel São Mamede and the two-star Hotel ibis Guimaraes Centro.

See here for a full listing of hotels, hostels and apartments in Guimarães.

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