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Bolas de Berlim

Visitors to Portugal with a sweet tooth probably all know about Lisbon's Pastel de Nata most famously produced at Pasteis de Belem in the Belem district of the capital.

Bola de Berlim
A Bola de Berlim goes great with coffee in the morning for that early sugar burst

Another favorite Portuguese pastry is Bola de Berlim - Portugal's super sweet take on the Berliner doughnut (Berliner Pfannkuchen).

The story goes that the recipe was brought to Portugal by Jews fleeing Hitler's Germany. However, the original red fruit filling (usually berries) was replaced with Portugal's own egg-based doce de ovos.

The dough is sliced horizontally, filled with doce de ovos, and sprinkled with fine sugar. Bolas de Berlim are on sale in most cafes and can even be found being hawked on Portugal's beaches.

Some of the best Bolas de Berlim are said to be found in and around Viana do Castelo. The one pictured is from Aveiro and was just great.

Bolas de Berlim
Viana do Castelo has some of Portugal's best Bolas de Berlim


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